The Conunity is a fast growing community that promotes artists and video creators.
We have a great collection of non-copyrighted music which can be downloaded for free in the best quality!

We are trying to help these creators grow as much as possible through the promote-for-promote & support-to-download systems we use.  Eventually this should lead them to more publicity, subscribers, followers, downloads, and so on.
In the past year we have built an amazing community with promising and talented producers, singers, rappers, gamers, vloggers & more!


It all started a long time ago on YouTube, where we were still video creators on our own.
As a YouTuber of course you need music that is free to use and won’t cause you any problems in the field of copyright. This is the main reason why we created a new channel including only copyright free music, so that we could basically ‘test’ which tracks were free of copyright and which were not. At that time our channel name was just “CON“, which stands for “Copyrighted Or Not“.


At first the channel was for personal use only, until the day we hit 50 subscribers in a really short time. We really got into this concept of promoting unknown artists and helping out other YouTubers, that we decided to give this channel some more attention and created a useful website where you can search through all the music very easily. As the ‘community’ started to grow more and more, we came up with the idea to change its name to the name we have today: “The Conunity“. Fully pronounced “The Copyrighted Or Not Unity“.