If you are a producer, singer or rapper and need promotion for your music, then you’re at the right place!
We are a community that promotes both small and bigger artists that deserve to get more publicity in our opinion.
After submitting your music we will review and decide if we are going to promote you. If so, we will confirm your identity first by sending you a confirmation message to one of your social accounts.





To submit your music, you can simply fill out the track request form at the bottom of this page and we will review your request as soon as possible.
Though, there are certain important conditions that determine whether we will promote your music. Your music must meet the following conditions:

1. Non-Copyrighted

  • Your music is non-copyrighted/royalty free/free to use.
  • Your music is available for monetization.


2. Unlabelled

  • You are not signed to a record label.
  • If you are, users do not have to credit this record label.


3. Original

  • Your music is original & not copied or stolen from others.
  • Your music does not include other artists who don’t know about this.


4. Quality

  • Your music is good enough. (We will review this)
  • Your music is rendered in good quality & format should either be MP3 or WAV.



We use a support-to-download system to help out all the artists even more. Users will have to follow them first in order to download their music in the best quality.
Artists can be recognized by the producer badge , singer badge  & rapper badge  at the Member Directory.

At this day we are promoting over 250 talented artists!







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