After receiving more and more requests, we finally decided to come up with our first partnership for YouTubers and a little later also for Twitch streamers.
This proved to be a great move because, after undergoing many developments, it has become a really great partnership and can be called a big success!


The partnership uses a promote-for-promote system where both the users and us promote each other but of course we are giving you more options to promote yourself.
We are partnered with all different kinds of video creators and therefore deal with many different topics like gaming, vlogging, tutorials, sports & a lot more!
Partners can be recognized by the partner badge  at the Member Directory.

At this day we are partnered with over 150 awesome video creators!





1. Subscribers/followers

Our team will review your partner request and decide how many subscribers/followers you will get. This is mostly between 2-5 new subscribers/followers but could also be more, it depends on what kind of content you provide on to your channel. They will keep an eye on your channel and keep track of your statistics.

Besides us, we also hope and try to get more people to see your channel, like your content and eventually make them follow you and subscribe to you.


2. Shoutouts

Every now and then we will give you a shoutout on our Twitter to help you get more publicity which hopefully will lead to more views, likes, subscribers, and so on.
We simply place a tweet where we describe or promote your channel including your channel link.


3. Banner

You’ll get the option to get your own banner to be shown on to our website.
Once you are a partner, the banner page will be visible at your login menu or at and over there you’ll simply have to fill out the Banner Request Form.





[STEP 1] Create an account on our website.
[STEP 2] Activate your account. (Activation Email)
[STEP 3] Click  & enter your YouTube URL and/or Twitch URL. (including https://)
[STEP 4] Enter your Twitter URL (will be mentioned at shoutouts) & click .
[STEP 5] Subscribe to our YouTube channel. (optional)
[STEP 6] Apply one of the following options to indicate you’re using music from our website:


  • Add our channel to your top 10 Featured Channels list.
  • Add a promotional text to your videos like, for example, “Music from “”.



  • Add a clickable button that is linking to our website.
  • Add a promotional text to your streams like, for example, “Music from “”.


[STEP 7] Click again, then click  & your request has been sent successfully!