All artists on our website are able to send a request to get verified. This will add a yellow verified badge  next to their name at the Member Directory and Artists page.
This means that they are active on our website and they allow other people to use their music as long as they get the credits. As proven before the music from most of the verified artists are used more than the music of non-verified artists.

People have a better and more reliable feeling if they see the badge.


To get verified, you’ll need to have at least one of your tracks to be provided on to our website.
If so, your profile should be in the Member Directory which you will get control of after we can confirm your identity by sending you a confirmation message to one of your social accounts.
When you got control of the profile, the only thing you need to do is update new changes. For example if you ever move to a new YouTube channel or change your Twitter page, please go to your profile page at and update these changes.





1. Faster Upload

Your (latest) releases that we think are very good will be uploaded faster on to our website. We always have a big, big list of upcoming music and therefore the upload time could take very long.
If we think your track deserves more attention, we will upload it faster than usual.


2. Featured Channels

If you have a YouTube channel, we will add you to our Featured Channels list on our YouTube channel at






Please fill out the form below to get verified.